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Prosthetic Hand and Leg solutions for Syrians
A scientist controls a prosthetic leg for Syrians who lost their upper and lower extremities due to the ongoing civil-war, at a medical center in Turkey's Syrian border city Hatay's Reyhanli District on December 14, 2017. War victim Syrians are feeling the happiness of having the ability to walk again with the aids of orthesis and prosthesis centre settled by European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office and Relief International Joint Venture. They have promoted the lives of more than 5.300 war weary after opening the centre in 2013. Oil operated hydraulic prosthesis pneumatics operated biometric prosthesis and electrically operated mioprosthesis make their lives easy to be happy. Expert team also give support of rehabilitation together with the application and production of orthesis and prosthesis. ( Cem Genco - Anadolu Agency )
15.12.2017 Cem Genco
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